Kingdom Law


Kingdom Law refers to the commandments, judgments, and statutes that God gave to Moses on Mount Siani.  Kingdom Law is usually referred to as the Pentateuch (from the Greek) or by the Hebrew term Torah.  It is our belief that these Laws were given to Israel because they were the first people or nation to be invited into God’s Kingdom.  We do not believe that God intended His Kingdom Law to be only for the people and nation of Israel, but for all people and nations who would become a part of His Kingdom, as we see indicated in the Scriptures (Daniel 7:13-14), as well as in the following Midrash. 

If Torah had been given in the land of Israel, Israel might have said to the nations of the world, “you have no share in it.”  Therefore the Torah was given in the wilderness, i.e., in public for all to see; and everyone who wishes to receive it, let him come and receive it. [qtd. in]

In addition, according to the Hebrew prophets, all nations will be following Kingdom Law (i.e., the Torah) during the time period of the coming Messianic Kingdom, such as Isaiah 2:2-3.

Therefore, in this section, I have included articles that discuss what the Bible teaches about Kingdom Law, as well as common questions that people ask about it. If readers have a question regarding God’s Kingdom Law, please feel free to ask.  I will try to answer it here in this section if I can.

About Kingdom Law

  • The Law of God: The Foundation & Structure of Scripture (coming soon!)
  • Pentateuch, Chumash, Torah:  What Do These Words Mean? (coming soon!)
  • Yeshua (Jesus) & the Law: “What Did He Teach About It?” (coming soon!)
  • Kingdom Law & the Coming Messianic Kingdom: What Does the Bible Teach? (coming soon!)

Common Questions:


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