"Proclaiming the Kingdom from Genesis to Revelation to all Nations"

About What We Do

In order for us at Following Messiah Ministries to fulfill the calling of God on our lives and to meet our organization’s objectives, we will need to be involved in the following:

Online Ministry.

Our website will be used to present and share our faith, teachings, blogs, and publications to the online community.

Pulpit Ministry.

When opportunities arise, we will be happy to share our passion for the Messiah  Jesus [Heb. Yeshua] and His Word with other believers in churches, messianic and/or Jewish congregations, groups or any other type of meeting places.

Conferences, Seminars, Speaking Engagements.

It is our desire to educate believers and the general public regarding the Messiah & His Kingdom; the teachings of the Scriptures; critical thinking, faith, and the Word; End-time prophecies; and the Covenants of God, etc.


It is our desire to challenge today’s technological, post-modern world with the gospel of the kingdom and Messiah Jesus [Heb. Yeshua], and to reach out with God’s compassion and love to those who are hurting, broken, and in need.

Discipleship Training

  • To develop articles, lessons, and programs that people can use to develop their
    relationship with Messiah, to learn the Scriptures, and to walk in obedience to the Spirit’s leading.
  • To share our studies, teachings, and publications with individuals, small groups, churches, synagogues, or any other types of Christian, Messianic or Jewish organizations for study and discussion.

Ministry Training.

  • To develop articles, lessons and programs that people can use to help them learn how to minister to others, within the church and/or outside of it.
  • To provide people with training opportunities for ministry and in using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • To provide follow-up sessions, in which training ministers can receive further teaching and training as they are learning to minister to others.

Writing & Publishing.

To develop articles, blogs, pamphlets, brochures, books, and other forms of publications to share the gospel of the kingdom and Jesus Christ [Heb. Yeshua haMashiach] with as many people as possible.


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