There is an error that’s being used to bring division to the body of Messiah, and it is an error that I am calling “THE ONE CORRECT FORM (OCF) ERROR.”  There are those online and around the world who are teaching that there’s ONLY ONE CORRRECT FORM (OCF) of the Messiah’s name, and that it is a sin or wrong to use any other form.  This error is being propagated by both sides of the argument, even though most articles only point out the error on only the one side.


On the one side of the argument, there are the pseudo-Hebraists.  Their argument is that both of the Father and the Messiah only have one valid Hebrew name each, and that those two names are the only ones that should be used: Yahweh, for the Father, and the Messiah’s name should begin with Yah, since He said He came in the name of the Father (John ).  If any other name is used for the Messiah or God, then God will not listen to that person’s prayer.


On the other side of the argument, there are those within mainstream conservative Christianity who argue that the Father has multiple names given to Him within the Scriptures, but that the only valid name to call the Messiah is the name “Jesus.”  Any other name for Christ, besides this one, is calling Jesus another name than the one given to Him by the Father, through the angel Gabriel, and Joseph and Mary.


In examining the argument from these two positions, the question then becomes “What is the biblical evidence for the name of the Messiah?  And which position is better supported by the evidence?”  As a college professor who taught argument for 25 years, I firmly believe, and have taught my students, that we need to examine the evidence on both sides, weigh the evidence, and then see which side tilts the scale more, that is the position that we should take.

(Article is still under construction)


One thought on “ABOUT THE OCF ERROR”

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